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Secondary Student Support

McKinney High School students talking in between passing periods.

McKinney High School students talking in between passing periods.

日本av无码’s Secondary Student Support聽department is responsible for the supervision of all secondary campus principals including alternative campuses. The department works with all campus principals and coordinators in the area of curriculum and instruction, as well as the district content specialists to coordinate and implement programs and practices to enhance student achievement at all 日本av无码 campuses. The department also works with campuses district-wide in the areas of student support, administrative services, career and technology education, AVID, advanced academics, gifted and talented, discipline management, truancy and attendance, and textbook services.

Secondary Education in 日本av无码

Students at the middle school and high school levels are encouraged to continue to build a strong academic foundation, while at the same time given the聽freedom to explore elective subjects and to develop their unique talents and interests.

The academic program of studies includes general, college preparatory and advanced level courses. In addition, the high school programs in 日本av无码 offer a multitude of career and technical education programs beyond the traditional core curriculum. Whether a student is interested in broadcasting and media, criminal justice, theatre, digital graphics and animation, health sciences, or any of the dozens of other courses offered they are certain to find their niche at a 日本av无码 middle and high school.

日本av无码 teachers and staff are committed to teaching the 鈥渨hole child鈥 in our secondary schools. The secondary聽curriculum is consistent from campus to campus, ensuring a high quality education regardless of the school, yet allowing teachers the latitude to develop innovative strategies that are tailored to the individual child.

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