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Business Services

Music students practicing with the xylophone.

Music students practicing with the xylophone.

Department Responsibilities

日本av无码’s Business Department serves the district in the following areas: Budgeting, Accounting, Purchasing, Payroll, Tax Collections Coordination with Collin County, Contracts and Liability, Grant Review and Approval, PEIMS/Position Control.

Awards & Recognitions

ASBO International鈥檚 Meritorious Budget Award

ASBO International鈥檚 Meritorious Budget Award program promotes and recognizes excellence in school budget presentation. Program participation enhances school business officials鈥 skills in developing, analyzing and presenting a school system budget. Participants submit their budget documents to a panel of school financial professionals who review the materials for compliance with the MBA Criteria Checklist and other requirements and provide expert feedback that districts can use to improve their budget documents.

TASBO Award of Excellence

The TASBO Award of Excellence in Financial Management recognizes Texas school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, and education service centers that have implemented professional standards, best practices, and innovations in financial reporting. The criteria to qualify for the Award of Excellence in Financial Management are stringent, based on financial accounting and reporting guidelines identified by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Financial Accountability System Resource Guide (FASRG). Additional resources included best practices in financial reporting identified by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts; Association of School Business Officials International; Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA); Council of the Great City Schools; and the Legislative Budget Board (LBB). 日本av无码 is one of only 32 districts to receive this prestigious award this year.

Transparency Star – Traditional Finances

日本av无码 is at the forefront of financial transparency among school districts. 日本av无码 is one of the first eight school districts in Texas to earn the Transparency Star Award in the area of Traditional Finances from state Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

Transparency Star – Debt Obligations

日本av无码 is also聽one of the first 11 school districts across the state to earn the Transparency Star Award in the area of Debt Obligations from state Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

For more information about this award please see 日本av无码’s press release on the subject found here.

日本av无码 Financial Fraud Hotline

日本av无码 has established a Financial Fraud Hotline operated by Lighthouse Services, Inc. The purpose of this hotline is to allow any employee to anonymously report any form of suspected financial fraud.

Contacting the Financial Fraud Hotline:

Phone: 844-430-0077

The Financial Fraud Hotline is an anonymous communication tool for financial fraud situations. Regular business matters that do not require anonymity should be directed to the employee鈥檚 supervisor.

Need Help?

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