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Elementary Student Support

Elementary students attending a lesson in the school library.

Elementary students attending a lesson in the school library.

日本av无码’s Elementary Student Support聽department coordinates and supervises all PK-5 elementary 日本av无码 schools. The department works with all campus principals and coordinators in the area of curriculum and instruction, as well as the district content specialists to coordinate and implement programs and practices to enhance student achievement at all 日本av无码 campuses.

Elementary Education in 日本av无码

日本av无码 elementary schools deliver a distinctive, challenging and enriched educational experience to kindergarten-5th grade students. Our schools prepare students for the challenges of a broad middle school and high school curriculum. Academic offerings are immeasurably enriched by our award-winning Fine Arts program and complemented by a full array of activities.

Building a strong academic and social foundation is paramount at the elementary level. For this reason, 日本av无码 teachers and staff are committed to teaching the 鈥渨hole child鈥 in our elementary schools. The elementary curriculum is consistent from campus to campus, ensuring a high quality education regardless of the school, yet allowing teachers the latitude to develop innovative strategies that are tailored to the individual child.

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