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日本av无码 high school students participating in the Physics Olympics.

日本av无码 high school students participating in the Physics Olympics.

The 日本av无码 Purchasing Department is responsible for purchasing supplies, materials, equipment, furniture and services necessary for our schools and offices to function efficiently. The Purchasing Department facilitates vendor 聽registration and maintenance, coordinates all bidding for the district, purchases for new school openings and guarantees legal compliance of district purchases.

For Questions About

Bids/Cooperative Purchasing 鈥 聽Ana Dominguez, Laura Duree
Vendor Registration 鈥 Ana Dominguez
Furniture 鈥 Debbie Paulsen or Ana Dominguez
Purchase Order Processing 鈥 Holly Cloud
School Openings & Renovation Projects 鈥 Joanna Higginbotham, Laura Duree
Purchase Order Revision/Cancellation聽鈥 Ana Dominguez

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