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Partners in Education

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Partners in Education

Mentoring in 日本av无码

McKinney Independent School District and Partners in Education believe that education at its highest level can only be achieved through community involvement and a civic closeness.

To maximize this effort, the Partners in Education program fosters three distinct and growing outlets where passionate individuals, business and community leaders, or anyone with a desire to impact our next generation can connect with 日本av无码.

We invite you to get involved!

District/Business Partnership

A District/Business Partnership is a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship created by a business and the district to provide schools and businesses an opportunity to share resources. Partnerships are designed to be dynamic, innovative, and rewarding. The overall goal is to create a relationship that is highly responsive to the needs of both the business and the district. In order to qualify for a district/business partnership, a business must have a storefront, employ at least three employees, and must be willing to get involved.


REACH is a campus-based mentoring program designed to cultivate self-esteem and self confidence into a child鈥檚 life while instilling a motivation to learn and improve personal and social skills. Our mentors become role models that reinforce the importance of an education and build a relationship with their student. By reaching one child at a time, we are changing the lives of hundreds of children a year.

Volunteers in Public School

Volunteers in Public School, or VIPS, is designed to further the effort of community volunteering by providing support, guidance, and recognition to existing volunteer programs such as PTA, PTSA, PTO, or other school volunteer organizations and outlets. Thousands of volunteering hours are donated by VIPS members each year.

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