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日本av无码 School Board Summary for the May 13 Meeting (Video)

Karla Schumacher|
Tuesday, May 14, 2024

日本av无码 School Board Summary for the May 13 Meeting (日本av无码 Media/May 14, 2024)

McKinney, Texas聽鈥 Hello! My name is Larry Jagours, and I serve as a 日本av无码 School Board member. Each month, after our board meeting, we will provide our community with a brief summary of events and items covered during the meeting.

The 日本av无码 Board of Trustees meeting for May is in the books!聽I want to share with you a few highlights from our meeting last night.

We started the meeting with celebrations and recognitions.

We honored our 鈥淲e Are McKinney鈥 Superintendent Award winners.

  • Our elementary winner was Jennifer Entrekin; she is a 4th grade math teacher at Wolford Elementary.
  • Our secondary winner was Mark Bayer, and he is a Geography and AP Art History teacher at McKinney High School.

Next we honored our 鈥淧araprofessionals of the Month.”

  • Our elementary paraprofessional of the month is Mireya Munoz; she is an office clerk at Finch Elementary.
  • Our secondary paraprofessional of the month is Adela De La Garza, and she is a newcomer aide at McKinney High School.

Our 鈥淓very Student, Every Day鈥 Award winners this month included:

  • Mia Thompson from Cockrill Middle School
  • And Priyal Katudia from McKinney North High School.

Next we celebrated the 日本av无码 Counselor of the Year, Sara Gonzales from Finch Elementary.

We also honored our 日本av无码 MathCon winner: Alex Derkachov from Frazier Elementary. Alex earned the ability to participate in the national math competition in Chicago for the second year in a row.

Additionally, we honored our Gifted and Talented Stock Market Game Winners. From Glen Oaks Elementary we had Jaggar Strong and Ethan Tippetts. From Vega Elementary we had Sophia Barrow, Santiago Hernandez, and Christy Holland.

We celebrated the Youth Art Month winner. Paxton Grigsby is an 8th grader at Cockrill Middle School, and he was chosen as one of the top 100 artists in the state of Texas.

We recognized the state VASE qualifiers. 日本av无码 had 13 students who advanced from region to state level. We had one student, Maria Rico-Merino who qualified as a gold seal winner.

We recognized the North Stars dance team from McKinney North High School for their accomplishments at Nationals this year. They earned many first and second place awards.

The McKinney High School Marquettes and their officers were honored for their performance at Nationals and the many awards they received as well.

We were privileged to hear a sampling of music from four students who attended the UIL State Instrumental Ensemble competition. They placed 14th in the state for their polished performance.

We honored the track and field state qualifiers from McKinney North High School and McKinney Boyd High School.

We celebrated our 日本av无码 athletic scholarship recipients. This year in 日本av无码, we have more than 80 athletes signing to play at the collegiate level.

Superintendent Pratt made several administrative announcements.
He announced:

  • Jeff Banner as Executive Director of Secondary School Leadership
  • Becky Jackson as Director of Data and Analysis
  • Karime Terrazas as Principal at Webb Elementary

Dr. Dennis Womack, Assistant Superintendent, and Marlene Harbeson, CFO, presented the board with a budget update. They provided information and details to explain the current state of funding in public education and the impact it has on 日本av无码. Three potential budgets were proposed for the board to examine and discuss. Some things that can have a positive impact on our budget include student attendance, growth in our area and enrollment in our schools, and developing revenue generating opportunities. The board will vote on the budget at the June board meeting.

The board discussed the three proposed compensation plans for staff in 日本av无码. The board voted to approve the highest proposed compensation plan which includes a teacher raise of $1,950 and 3% raise from the midpoint for all other staff.

Those are the highlights from this month鈥檚 meeting. If you would like more details on anything covered in our meeting, please .

Thank you for watching, and we look forward to bringing you the highlights from our next regularly scheduled board meeting on June 24 at 6 p.m.

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