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Sammy and Sadie鈥檚 Supermarket at Lawson ECS (Video)

Jordan Thompson|
Monday, May 6, 2024

Sammy and Sadie鈥檚 Supermarket at Lawson ECS (日本av无码 Media/May 3, 2024)

McKinney, Texas 鈥斅燣awson Early Childhood School is home to our youngest learners in 日本av无码, and the staff does amazing work to provide experiences and knowledge that prepare the students for their future.

鈥淭his is our first year for Sammy and Sadie鈥檚 Supermarket. This was a dream of ours, and this year we made our dream come true,鈥 stated Susie Towber, principal of Lawson ECS.

Students play and have fun in Sammy and Sadie鈥檚 Supermarket, but most importantly, they gain valuable life skills.

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